And You……

Your presence is sweet. It is comfort. It is healing like the rain.
So why the pause? Why the fear?
Just as Abram. Just as Moses. I sense Your presence. I yearn for and seek it out. It stirs and shakes reality.
As the paths in my mind go with determined purpose to new and higher places, my flesh seizes. It begs to stop.
Fear of what is unknown. Fear of intimacy with what is indescribable.
But You……….
You wait with extended hand. You invite me into the fire. Into the cloud that reshapes and imbues authority. Love. Wisdom. Trust……
It is in this Heavenly Place. This great fire cloud of terror, that I find reality. This is the place where my earthly perspective meets Truth.
So like Abram. So like Moses. I push past. I crawl when I have to. Because my presence on this earth will not keep me from sitting next to you. Seated on a throne that transcends what I can explain.


Ephesians 2:6-7
6 He raised us up with Him and seated us in the heavenly realms with our beloved Jesus the Anointed, the Liberating King. 7 He did this for a reason: so that for all eternity we will stand as a living testimony to the incredible riches of His grace and kindness that He freely gives to us by uniting us with Jesus the Anointed.


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